AdaCamp is a two-day event dedicated to increasing women’s participation in open technology and culture, including open source software, Wikipedia and other wiki-related projects, open knowledge and education, open government and open data, open hardware and appropriate technology, library technology, creative fan culture, remix culture, translation/localization/internationalization, and more.

“What I love about AdaCamp is how consistently wonderful the event is – how you can go from one thought-provoking session to another, how you can meet a fascinating person doing great work and then turn around and meet someone who also blows you away.” — Anonymous AdaCamper

At AdaCamp, women learn career-related skills, build support networks, and share best practices for supporting each other in their communities and workplaces. AdaCamp is run in the popular unconference format, in which attendees propose and decide on sessions at the conference itself, in addition to a few pre-planned activities like Impostor Syndrome Training and hands-on workshops.

“It was an incredible experience: I met fascinating and inspiring people, learned new [technical] skills, got some ideas for projects to work on, and received a ton of career affirmation.” —Rachel Alexander

AdaCamp is a project of the Ada Initiative, a not-for-profit dedicated to increasing women’s participation in open technology and culture. Attendance is limited to people who identify as women in a way that is significant to them and who have some prior experience in open tech/culture.

Upcoming AdaCamps

Three more AdaCamps are planned later in 2015! In addition to AdaCamp Montreal, we plan an AdaCamp in a city in New Zealand, and two AdaCamps in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA.

If you are interested in attending a future AdaCamp, please see our contact page for ways to get announcements about upcoming AdaCamps.

Impact of AdaCamp

The Ada Initiative has run seven AdaCamps in five countries, with more than 600 women in open tech/culture attending.

“Ranging from open education to open government, learning python to open hardware, work cultures for women, to women centric maker spaces (the one I really wanted to be a part of); the range was broad and exciting. I proposed two sessions: on angry young women, and on women centric maker spaces. A fun session where I learned things: soft circuits (and e-textile – with no stereotypes attached :P )” — Noopur Raval

“The sessions were amazing but even more amazing were the AdaCampers themselves. I met strong, capable, brilliant people who have passion for a variety of things but who were all brought together to participate in this unique event. They each brought their own experiences and their own expertise. The unconference was stronger because we weren’t all alike and we didn’t experience things in the same way.” — Christina

“We said many things [during the “Startups” session], but the one that stayed with me was reminding ourselves it is never too late to start. You can succeed even If you did not start your learning/business/start-up before you reached your early 20s. And it is very possible that you will accomplish many victories, since you already have experience in many other fields.” — Andrea Arzaba

Past AdaCamps


Find out more about AdaCamp in the post-event reports for each event: