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AdaCamp was a two-day unconference dedicated to increasing women’s participation in open technology and culture. This page is part of the AdaCamp Toolkit, which helps you take AdaCamp’s tools and practices and apply them to your own event. You can re-use the text of this page under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike license with credit to the AdaCamp Toolkit.

How to use this website template.

This is a very lightly generalized template copy of the AdaCamp website content (eg, with specific city names removed). It is very unlikely that any other event resembles AdaCamp closely enough that you could use this website template in its entirety, but please look through it and use and modify the parts of it that are applicable to your event and useful to you.

Naming: We love AdaCamp-like events, but please find an alternative name for your event.


This information should be spread across several pages of your website. On the AdaCamp website, each section of this document (between each

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Repeat important information (the purpose, dates and location of the event) on every likely landing page such as: your front page, your “more details” page, and your application/registration page.


Front page/about page

EVENT is a conference for TOPIC. [Add more details. List some example participants and include some examples who might not think they’re a good fit, such as novices, career-changers, people who work in less prestigious parts of the field.]

EVENT will be held in CITY, REGION, COUNTRY on DAY MONTHNAME, YEAR,. The event will involve an unconference held over the two days, along with evening social events.


Attendance at EVENT is by invitation, with applications open to the public.

We welcome applications from PEOPLE in all areas of FIELD, with a variety of skill levels, experience, and background. We review applications and select applicants in order to create a supportive space where great conversations can happen.

Your application will be reviewed to check that you are involved in FIELD, have experience or knowledge of feminism and advocacy, and can contribute to a safe, collaborative environment. See Who should apply? to see whether EVENT is for you, or read more about how we select applicants to learn about our selection criteria.

We review applications on a “first come, first served” basis. We strongly recommend that you apply as early as possible, as we will close applications once EVENT is filled up and we have also filled a waitlist. See deadlines and notifications for more information.

Who should apply

We’re looking for attendees who:

  • Identify as women in a way that is significant to them.
  • Participate in FIELD (eg EXAMPLES)
  • Can share information about women’s experiences in that field, including talking about women’s achievements and the challenges they face
  • Want to work together and share strategies to support and promote women in the field
  • Share EVENT’s feminist approach to supporting and promoting women in FIELD
  • Are young and old; students, professionals and hobbyists; from a diverse range of backgrounds; and reflect the breadth of FIELD

Attendees will be selected based on experience in FIELD, experience or knowledge of feminism and advocacy, ability to collaborate with others, and any rare or notable experience or background that would add to EVENT. More information on how we select attendees is here.


We want to remove as many barriers as possible to attending EVENT.

Some steps we take in this direction are:

  • travel grants
  • free registrations
  • free childcare
  • wide range of food
  • accommodation for disabilities

We will award a limited number of travel grants (more information on how we decide to award travel grants).

EVENT has a registration fee which is need-based and self-selected, with a completely free option. You do not need to go through any process to choose the free registration fee.

We will provide free childcare for those who request it by the application deadline.

We put a lot of effort into providing filling delicious conference food for a wide variety of dietary preferences.

We are working to ensure that the venue is accessible, and we will provide tactile maps, sign language interpreters, and other accommodations upon request. See our accessibility page for more information.

How to apply

Fill out the [LINK TO APPLICATION FORM] application form. We will generally notify you within two weeks of whether your application was accepted or not, though travel grants may take a little longer. More information is here.

Spread the word!

If you know someone that would be a great addition to EVENT, please encourage them to apply! We are especially looking for people who bring unusual skills or background, and who come from a wide variety of open technology and culture fields.


If you have any questions not answered on the web site, please email us at EMAIL

How we select attendees

EVENT is a conference dedicated to increasing women’s participation in FIELD. EVENT will be in CITY, REGION, COUNTRY on DAY MONTHNAME, YEAR.

Attendance at EVENT is by invitation only, with applications open to the public. This page describes how we select attendees for EVENT. [LINK TO APPLICATION FORM] Apply here.

Selection of applicants not requesting travel assistance

If you aren’t requesting travel assistance, your application will be reviewed by our program committee based on our participant criteria, that you:

  • Participate in FIELD, eg, EXAMPLES.
  • Can share information about women’s experiences in that field, including talking about women’s achievements and the challenges they face
  • Want to work together and share strategies to support and promote women in the field
  • Share EVENT’s feminist approach to supporting and promoting women in FIELD

Applicants not requesting travel assistance who meet the participant criteria will be accepted based on order of application.

Selection of applicants requesting travel assistance

EVENT will offer limited travel funding for selected attendees, covering transport and accommodation expenses up to AMOUNT per person. Grants will be awarded competitively based on the committee’s ranking of applications after the travel grant deadline. We will award approximately NUMBER grants, depending on funding.

When asking for travel, in addition to meeting participant criteria, applications will be ranked highly if they:

  • Demonstrate strong or extensive experience in FIELD
  • Already participate in or lead active feminist initiatives in FIELD
  • Are from members of underrepresented groups in the applicant population

Applicants who are not selected for travel grants but are accepted to attend will be advised so that they can consider alternative travel arrangements.

Selection committee

Applications will be reviewed by a committee chaired by NAME and with members NAMES. Applications will be kept strictly confidential to the committee and especially invited outside reviewers.


Please contact EMAIL if you have any questions.

Deadlines and notifications

Applications to EVENT are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. We strongly advise you to apply as soon as possible, as we will close applications once we have our planned number of attendees and have filled the waitlist.

For those requesting travel grants

  • Deadline for applications requesting travel assistance: TRAVEL DEADLINE
  • Notification of acceptance for applications requesting travel assistance: TWO WEEKS AFTER TRAVEL DEADLINE

For those requesting childcare

Requests for our free childcare will only be taken until CHILDCARE DEADLINE.

For all other applications

  • Deadline for all other applications: DEADLINE or earlier depending on demand (we recommend you apply ASAP)
  • Notification of acceptance within approximately 2 weeks of your application
  • Final notification of acceptance for all other applications: TWO WEEKS AFTER DEADLINE
  • Notification of acceptance to waitlisted applicants: SHORTLY BEFORE EVENT


EVENT will be held on DAY MONTHNAME, YEAR from START TIME to END TIME, at VENUE, ADDRESS, CITY. We also put together some resources for getting to CITY and local travel.

The address is: [MAP LINK] ADDRESS


Venue facilities and layout

The VENUE consists of NUMBER floors. Registration will be at ENTRANCE DESCRIPTION. The main sessions each day (welcome, lightning talks, etc) will be held in ROOM NUMBER.


Conference amenities:

  • Conference wi-fi will be on the NETWORK NAME network and [there is no password|the password will be in the attendee handout].
  • Meals and snacks will be served in ROOM NUMBER.
  • Child care will be held in ROOM NUMBER.
  • A gender neutral restroom will be available on FLOOR.
  • ROOM NUMBER will be a designated quiet room throughout the event.

Venue amenities:

  • [list on-site cafes or stores, cloak rooms, public phones, vending machines, ATMs, computer labs]


The nearest public transit is STATION/STOP. More information can be found on the [LINK] CITY PUBLIC TRANSIT SITE.

Car Parking

[If parking is on-site] There is on-site car parking, including NUMBER disabled spots. Car parking is AMOUNT per day. [Give entrance instructions such as which street to enter from and how to get a pass.]

[If parking is off-site] The nearest CAR PARK is at ADDRESS, including NUMBER disabled spots. Car parking is AMOUNT per day. [Give entrance instructions such as which street to enter from.]


VENUE is a wheelchair accessible venue. All entrances and rooms used by EVENT are wheelchair accessible. Accessible restrooms are also available.

[ROOM NUMBERS/all rooms] have a hearing induction loop.

For more information, see our accessibility information


6:00pm – 9:00pm Reception and registration at RECEPTION ADDRESS
Time Day 1 of EVENT
8:00am-9:00am Morning coffee/tea and registration
9:00am-9:30am Introduction
9:30am-10:30am Plenary session [eg Overcoming Impostor Syndrome training]
10:30am-10:45am Morning snack break
10:45am-11:45am Pre-organized smaller sessions [eg, introduction to aspects of FIELD sessions]
11:45am-12:00pm Break
12:00pm-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-1:45pm Lightning talks
1:45pm-2:15pm Session organization
2:15pm-3:15pm Unconference Session 1
3:15pm-3:30pm Afternoon snack break
3:30pm-4:30pm Unconference Session 2
4:30pm-5:00pm Closing
6:30pm-8:30pm Topic-focused dinner groups at local CITY restaurants
Please aim to arrive at TIME, reservations for TIME
Time Day 1 of EVENT
8:00am-9:00am Morning coffee/tea and registration
9:00am-9:15am Introduction
9:15am-9:45am Session organization
9:45am-10:45am Unconference Session 3
10:45am-11:00am Morning snack break
11:00am-12:00pm Unconference Session 4
12:00pm-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-1:45pm Lightning talks
1:45pm-3:15pm Workshops, make-a-thon, edit-a-thon, hack-a-thon, tutorials
3:15pm-3:30pm Afternoon snack break
3:30pm-4:30pm Workshops, make-a-thon, edit-a-thon, hack-a-thon, tutorials
4:30pm-5:00pm Closing


[See the AdaCamp toolkit policy page for sample policies.]

Attendee Information

Dates and times

EVENT will be held on DAY MONTHNAME, YEAR, from TIME to TIME with an optional dinner in small groups in local restaurants on DINNER NIGHT.

Registration fees

Registration fees vary depending on financial need and are selected by the attendee.

  • Full admittance rate: AMOUNT (AMOUNT covers full cost for one attendee)
  • Discounted admittance rate: DISCOUNTED AMOUNT (self-paid, students, unemployed, non-profit employees)
  • Travel scholarship/anyone who cannot afford to pay: 0

Attendees are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs, unless they have applied for and received a travel grant.


See our venue page for more information, and also our travel page for information on getting to the venue.

Meals and snacks

We cater lunch and a morning and afternoon snack on both days of EVENT. We will provide vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options as well as cater to the dietary requirements applicants indicated in their initial application as a matter of course, and can handle other dietary requirements on request. If you need to alert us to a dietary restriction not mentioned in your application, please email us EMAIL. For those that prefer to eat lunch out, there are restaurants and cafes nearby such as EXAMPLES.

Hotels and lodging

See the accommodation listing page.

Children and childcare

EVENT will offer a limited number of free childcare places, with preferences given to early applicants. The deadline for childcare applications is CHILDCARE DEADLINE.

Parents of infants and young children are also welcome to keep them with you throughout the conference! We are child-feeding-friendly — including breastfeeding — in all conference areas. For anyone who wishes to feed or pump privately the conference will provide a nursing room [with refrigeration if available] for all attendees, located at ROOM NUMBER.

Registration and cancellation

Attendance at EVENT is by invitation only.

If you applied to EVENT and have not received a decision

Decisions will be sent out approximately 2 weeks after you submitted your application. If you applied to EVENT and did not receive a decision, please email EMAIL.

If you were invited to EVENT

If you received an invitation to EVENT, you should have registered according to the instructions in that email.

If you did not receive an invitation, or have any other questions, please contact EMAIL.

Cancelling your EVENT attendance

If you have registered for EVENT and cannot attend, please inform EMAIL.

Refund of registration fees

If you email EMAIL with your cancellation on or before CANCELLATION DEADLINE, your registration fee will be refunded in full.

No refunds are available after this time.


The venue for EVENT is located close to the STATION OR STOP NAME.

Arrival by air

The local airport is AIRPORT NAME which is served by AIRLINES serving REGIONS.

Travel from the airport to CITY by [LINK]MODE OF TRANSPORT, costing AMOUNT and taking NUMBER minutes to reach CENTRAL LOCATION.

Taxi pickup is available at LOCATION. The price for a journey from the airport to CENTRAL LOCATION is approximately AMOUNT.

Arrival by train


Arrival by bus


Local Travel

[LINK]TRANSIT SYSTEM is the public transit system in CITY. They operate [buses/trains/the subway] throughout the city.

[Provide a short guide to prices, mention any smartcard or multi-journey ticket system.]

International travel and visas

Attendees from outside COUNTRY may need to arrange visas for entry to COUNTRY in order to attend EVENT. EVENT will not apply for or sponsor visas on your behalf and cannot give immigration advice.


If you need a letter of invitation to support your visa application, please contact EMAIL with the following information:

  • the full address of the consulate where you are applying for a visa
  • your full name as shown on your passport
  • your date of birth (in words, eg “8 June 1987″)
  • your passport number and expiry date (in words, eg “19 December 2020″)
  • the country that issued your passport
  • your date of arrival in and departure from COUNTRY

If you need a letter of invitation personally addressed to you to bring with you when you arrive at the COUNTRY border, please contact EMAIL with the following information:

  • your full home address
  • your full name as shown on your passport


List of Local Hotels and Hostels

There is no official conference hotel, but we collected a list of nearby reasonably priced hotels and hostels. The room rates listed below are subject to change; book soon! You can organize room-sharing with fellow EVENT attendees on the attendee email list.

Hostels and hotels are listed in order from lowest price to highest. All prices are in CURRENCY and [do/do not] include tax.

If you haven’t stayed in a hostel before, keep in mind that hostels are usually shared rooms and have lower amenities than hotels.

Here are some recommendations:
Closest hostel to venue (shared rooms): NAME
Closest hotel to venue (private rooms and baths): NAME
Cheapest private room with shared bath: NAME
Cheapest private room and bath: NAME

[multiple listings follow:]

DISTANCE from venue – [LINK] directions


EVENT welcomes attendees with disabilities and strives to be inclusive and accessible.

Getting there

See venue for general information about VENUE including a map, and travel for information about travelling to and within CITY.

VENUE is DISTANCE from the STATION OR STOP. Information on accessibility on CITY’s public transit is at [LINK].

You can access VENUE off STREET NAME. A step-free entrance for people with mobility impairments is at LOCATION.

Car parking

[Repeat car parking information from the Venue page.]

Wheelchair accessibility of venue

EVENT will be using rooms in VENUE. All EVENT rooms are step free/wheelchair accessible and demarcated travel lanes will be kept clear to facilitate navigation. [Access to upper floors is via an elevator.]

To enter VENUE, you must use the accessible entrance at DIRECTIONS [note: include directions from the disabled parking and from the street]. To enter this entrance, you will need to [press a buzzer|phone security|etc].

There are NUMBER single-stall accessible restrooms available at VENUE. These are on FLOOR NUMBERS. From the elevator, DIRECTIONS.

The elevator can be located DIRECTIONS. The elevator measures SIZE. Floor buttons are about DISTANCE from the floor.

Hearing accessibility

A PA system will be used when attendees are gathered together. [All rooms|ROOM NUMBERS] also include a hearing induction loop.

Some sessions of EVENT will involve unamplified small and larger group discussions which may be difficult to hear if you cannot hear conversation in typical meeting environments.

We will provide sign language interpretation or CART/real-time captioning of sessions upon request.

Vision accessibility

Very little EVENT material will be presented via projection, except in opening and closing sessions and some lightning talks; most sessions will be group discussions. Information on slides will be repeated verbally.

A textual description of the venue layout as well as a tactile map are available upon request. If you would like a copy of either of these resources, please email EMAIL.

[Elevators have braille numbers.]

[Room entrances including restrooms have braille signs.]

Quiet room

EVENT provides a quiet room where you may work, rest or nap. Any EVENT attendee can use the quiet room at any time, and it’s often very popular! We ask people not to talk or make other noise in the quiet room.


If you have accessibility questions or require additional accommodations, please email EMAIL.